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Call the Beef Office at 402-346-2333 to order your 2013 Season Tickets

Tune Up Those Cowbells as we Welcome our 2013 Beef, Sunday, March 3rd at 3pm, at the new Ralston Arena for an exhibition game against the Nebraska Lawdawgs.
Get Your Tickets Now....

Calling All Beef FansBreakfast, Saturday, February 2nd - 1st Saturday of each month come join other Beef Fans for breakfast at Justin Thyme Cafe & Catering, 8544 Park Dr. (strip mall on west side of 84th & Park) at 9:30AM. If you haven't been there yet, the food is very good and reasonable. BYOB (Buy Your Own Breakfast).


According to the dictionary, it is slang for somebody who is regarded as unintelligent or imperceptive. While that may be true, we do know that we areA Meathead in Disguise a fun-loving bunch of Omaha Beef Indoor Football Fans , who are full of bull (and some of us - beer), and like to kick up our heels and PARTY!! We also have a Football Problem.

We are not officially recognized by anyone and rarely know what's going on; but according to a survey - we have a great time, are trustworthy, uninhibited and enthusiastic supporters who know no strangers. We are not an official rock-band but we do have a professional drummer, guitarist, key boardist and an amateur trombonist. We are not weenies and we love our BEEF - a Meathead always finishes his or her Prime Rib. We are always prepared and do provide a service to the community by being off Another Meatheadthe streets during the Beef games, and - we do hire out to liven up your parties and drink your beer. (Just drop us an email at Some of us are well-seasoned and aged to perfection (well maybe not quite), others of us are still roasting. Some of us need glasses and bifocals, some of us need a lot more than that...

The Meatheads are very unique too, in that several of us have been officially trained on the proper way to do YMCA by the official Village People themselves!!

The Meatheads started 13 years ago and have been to every home game that The Omaha Beef have played - we have also traveled to away games in Abilene TX, Billings MT, Bloomington IL, Chicago, IL, Evansville IN, Ft. Wayne, Huntsville AL, Grand Island, NE, Kearney NE, LaCrosse WI, Lexington KY, Lincoln NE, Little Rock AR, Loveland CO, Peoria IL, Rapid City SD, Rockford IL, Salt Lake City UT, Seattle / Kent, WA, Sioux City IA, Sioux Falls SD, St. Louis MO and Wichita KS. We are comprised of bulls, steers, cows and heifers (some of us resemble Round Steaks - others Ground Round). We are a national organization with Meathead Chapters in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington and of course, Nebraska. We are very proud of our Meatheads who have served in the Middle East, including Iraq. Click here for pictures

Pre-Game - Prior to each game, The Meatheads gather for a pre-game warm-up & then mosey on over to the Slaughter House. There, you'll find several of us in Section 9, with others scattered throughout the joint.

Post-Game Party - Join The Beef, The Meatheads & other great fans after the game.

Beef Kicking Up HealsCome Join Us for an Udderly Good Time!
We are now accepting donations for beer...

Meatheads aren't made....they're hatched!


The Meatheads Thank the Omaha Beef office for approving use of their logo on our website.


PROPRIETARY STATEMENT: It's Our Bull and we're stickin' to it....

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